Mobile Communication Technology


Mobile communication technology is a term that is basically given to the technology used as the communication mode for the portable devices such as cellular phones, laptops, palmtops, digital assistants, global positioning systems, wireless card payment systems etc.There are many technologies that are used in communication of these devices such as wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi), GSM services (2G and 3G), GPRS, Bluetooth, Virtual Private Networks, dial up modems etc. Using these technologies, one can easily communicate from office, home, car and even while traveling. Using the web or WAP services to access internet either on phone or laptops is known as mobile computing which is also considered as a part of mobile communication technology.Some of the foremost technologies that are used in the field of Mobile Communication can be listed as:1. GPRS: General Packet Radio System is a mobile technology that uses GSM services for data communication. It is mainly used for providing the data services on cellular devices. One of the drawback of GPRS service was its slow connectivity, but with the coming up of 3rd Generation of GSM, the speed limit has been increased and the data transmission has become quite fast. GPRS holds a unique feature by which a user can very easily transmit the data while making calls.2. EDGE: Enhanced data rates for GSM Evolution or EGPRS is a technology having the faster data transmission rate as compared to GPRS. If the EDGE network is not available in some places, then there GPRS service is used as a replacement of EDGE.3. Wi-Fi: Wireless fidelity is the technology that uses wireless technology communication for the data transmission; previously Wi-Fi was only used with laptops and palmtops but now-a-days it is also used with modern cellular phones that have Wi-Fi services. The benefit of using Wi-Fi technology is transmission speed as it can support up-to 100 Mbps.4. Bluetooth: Bluetooth is a technology that is used for the transmission of data between devices in a small range of 100 meter. The network formed from by Bluetooth devices is known as Piconet. The Bluetooth technology can be used to create connections between multiple devices resulting in machine to machine communication. At one time, seven devices can communicate via Bluetooth.5. GSM: Global System for Mobile communications is a technology used for digital cellular networks used for second generation technology but later it is succeeded by 3G to increase the speed of circuit switched network. GSM network works on different frequencies for 2G and 3G.• 2G GSM network operate in 850 Mhz or 1900 Mhz frequencies.
• 3G GSM network operate in 2100Mhz frequencyKey features of 3G are video calling, video download, transfer the large amount of data at a very high speed.Apart from these, there are many other technologies such as VPN which is used to access external networks by a secured channel.The benefit of mobile technologies is that it makes our life very easy as we can access data resources and services from any part of the world. But at the same time, it faces certain problems as well such as network problems, security issues and cost of data services. But with advance in technology, these problems are gradually decreasing and mobile communication technology is making our life very easy


Philips SA101 Rush 32MB MP3 Player

  • PC compatible through parallel interface
  • Bookmark function allows instant access to the start of up to 10 tracks
  • No moving parts, so you get uninterrupted playback regardless of jarring or bumping
  • Downloading a 3-minute song to the player takes about 25 seconds
  • Plays spoken-word content and is bundled with RealNetworks’ RealJukebox music management software
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Affordable Dish Satellite Networks for Best Viewership


For the global TV viewers, dish satellite network has changes and even say transformed the manner in which the quality and clarity of the entertainment has been delivered to the audience across the world. Global satellite internet use the most modern technology of communication for offering best and DVD quality pictures for a better and more enhanced crystal clear high definition experience. Being one of the most popular mechanisms to offer world class TV viewing to viewers.A number of reasons are therefore stated to endorse the importance of the dish network. The primary reason that emphasizes the need of global satellite network is the availability of the network in very affordable and cost effective price tags. Even these equipments and mechanism is available in the feasible price, the quality and compatibility of the services are never compromised in any manner.The installation process of dish satellite TV is highly straight forward and very easy to be executed. The entire process however requires cautious method of installation and strategic setup implementation to avoid last minute inconvenience. The quality of the service reception in the dish satellite network is another vital factor that makes it highly commendable and popular. The cost structure of this mechanism puts the best affordability factor on the services. Global satellite network experts are even very keen to keep the prices more down and mitigated for the more affordable TV viewership.Offering new technologies for the esteemed mode of telecommunication is precisely the best thing that is developing a new craze for the viewership needs. Exceptional visual quality and high definition video quality is now creating a new phenomenon for audience thus no one now can escape the inevitability of the inception of new range of dish satellite networks. The cost of the dish network cost is very less than the tradition cable networks and the process can even push audience with a proficiency to track the fee spend on these subscription fee.While going through the installation of the global satellite network, always try to take the services of some expert installers to get the best installation of the equipments for the best viewership ever.

The Biggest Acquisitions in Dell’s History


There is no doubt that Dell is one of the biggest names in the computer industry today. Dell as it is right now is a far cry from the part-time business that Michael Dell started out as a college kid right out of his dorm in 1984. In the course of 25 years, his company expanded into a billion-dollar enterprise with operations not just in the United States but in many other countries across the globe.Over time, Dell has forged partnerships and made mutually beneficial arrangements with other companies in the computer industry. Over the years, it has also bought a number of companies in an effort to broaden its interests.What are the biggest acquisitions in the history of Dell as a company? Here is a brief list.1. ConvergeNet Technologies, Inc. ConvergeNet Technologies, Inc. was a private company that specialized in storage networks. Dell bought the company in 1999 as part of its move to expand to storage networks and improve the future sales of its PowerVault product line.The price paid for ConvergeNet Technologies amounted to Dell’s 6.9 million common stock shares with a total worth of US$340 million. As part of the deal, the president and CEO of ConvergeNet Technologies at the time became the vice president and general manager of the Dell storage system division. This division included people from both ConvergeNet and Dell’s storage networks teams.2. EqualLogic. As part of its move to expand further to storage networks and related products, Dell acquired EqualLogic in 2007. This was after Dell failed to generate successful work with ConvergeNet Technologies after the latter’s acquisition in 1999. EqualLogic was an IP storage network vendor that sold iSCSI storage appliances, founded in 2001.Dell bought EqualLogic for US$1.4 billion, an amount that business analysts considered staggering at the time. Despite the hefty price tag, analysts nonetheless lauded Dell for the purchase because of the innovations EqualLogic had introduced in the field of storage networks and virtualization.3. Perot Systems. Perot Systems, a provider of information technology services and business solutions, is the latest and biggest acquisition that Dell made to date. The deal between Perot Systems and Dell was closed in late September 2009, with an unbelievable US$3.9 billion changing hands. The acquisition of Perot Systems is expected to bring Dell an additional US$8 billion per year.Dell bought Perot Systems in an effort to diversify its business outside of its core business of personal computer development. Analysts believe that this acquisition is a move on the part of Dell to catch up on flagging market shares. According to Wall Street reports, profits from personal computer development are on the downtrend and computer manufacturers are trying to look at newer IT business models to keep up.These are just three of the biggest acquisitions made by Dell over the years. Given that Dell remains to be among the most respected and profitable companies in the computer industry, there will likely be other, bigger acquisitions on Dell’s path in the future.

S1566 Snowy Owl White Owl Case Cover For IPHONE 4 4S


S1566 Snowy Owl White Owl Case Cover For IPHONE 4 4S

Graphic Printed Hard Case For IPHONE 4 4S.
Hard Case Cover For IPhone – Graphic Printed Design Including Sides and Corner.

Full Wrap Sides and Corner, High Gloss, Full Photo.
The image will print in high quality on the front face and around the sides. Forged From High Grade Hard Plastic Slim-fit scratch resistant lightweight cases.
Patented photo print technology. Provides robust phone protection.

This phone case is not a sticker or cheap metal printed insert. Durable Lightweight.

The cases are not only visually stunning but are also highly practical and provide robust phone protection. Forged from high grade hard plastic, they are both durable and lightweight.
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